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1. General Rules

1. Posts should be made in the relevant forum. Users are expected to read the forum descriptions before posting.
2. Spoilers should not be posted without warning. If a topic will contain spoilers, please label it as such in the topic title, but do not state the spoiler in the title.
3. No excessive swearing. Although there are currently no word censors, please refrain from swearing in excess. Please try to keep the forum a PG-13 environment. Abuse of this freedom may result in it being taken away aka. Banned.
4. No flaming or trolling. While debating is fine, any posts that contain personal attacks, rudeness, insults, threats, or any otherwise inflammatory content will not be tolerated.
5. No spamming. Please refrain from making meaningless topics, pointless or nonsense one-word posts, and the like. Also do not ask the same question in multiple forums.
6. Do not revive a dead topic without good reason. Do not post in a topic that has had no posts for over month unless you have something worth adding (important things) to the discussion.
7. Do not double post. Please use the Edit button if you have something to add to a topic and already have the most recent post. If
you are attempting to revive a dead discussion, a double post is allowed.
8. Discussion of illegal activities such as music or software piracy is not allowed.
9. Sexually stuffs and otherwise inappropriate material will not be tolerated on this forum.

2. Advertising

1. Advertising for any product, service, web site, etc. will not be tolerated in posts.
2. Linking to other web sites will be permitted when relevant to the discussion.
3. Advertising in one's signature will be allowed as long as it does not violate our rules on signatures.

3. Avatars

1. The maximum dimensions for an avatar may not exceed 100x100 pixels.
2. Please keep the file size of your avatar below 50 KB.
3. Avatars may not contain extreme spoilers.

4. Signatures

1. The maximum dimensions for a signature may not exceed 600x150 pixels. This limit applies to all images in a signature combined.
2. Please do not use signatures with excessively large file sizes. This should only be a problem with animated signatures.
3. Signatures may not contain extreme spoilers.

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