Updates on ToI(tales of innocence)

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Updates on ToI(tales of innocence)

Post  Reon on Sun Sep 30, 2007 10:22 am

An update has just been made over at the Tales of Innocence homepage of the Tales Channel. Info on the two other characters, Hermana Larmo and Ange Serena, screenshots of the opening movie by Production I.G., and info on the battle system have just been added.

Hermana Larmo
"Oh all right, I'll eat fully now, okay? I'll endure eating from the barrel."
Voice Actor: Yuki Matsuoka
Age: 13
Height: 148 cm
Weight: 40 kg
~ A young girl who became an orphan because of the recent wars. She is one of the many street children that now roam the Kingdom of Regunum. She carries her own unique individual at her own pace. Ange Serena
"Well, if that's the case, our meeting may be God's will."
Voice Actor: Kaori Nazuka
Age: 20 (oh my god... O.o)
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 52 kg
~ A sister who works at a sanctuary in a certain city. Having possession of powers of healing, she is considered a holy woman in the sanctuary, and has gained popularity because of this. She is a woman who is skillful in terms of worldy and political matters within the society.
Battle System Info:
Dimension Stride Linear Motion Battle System (DS-LMBS)
~ Fully utilizing the capabilities of 3D, we have fused Tales of the Abyss' Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System (FR-LMBS), enabling characters to run freely around the battle field, and PS2's Tales of Destiny's Aerial Linear Motion Battle System (AR-LMBS), adding the "height" factor and the enjoyment of more varied combos.
Therefore, it offers proper tuning and the operativity has improved.
Characters can run around freely, launch an enemy in the sky, and perform combos while in the air. The new battle system really gives quite a refreshing impression.

Character Change
~By pressing the L button during battle, characters can replace others in real time.
When the character you're controlling comes to a pinch, and you can't wait for the AI characters' help, doing this will enable you to change your player character from the reserves, enabling a decent counterattack and smooth mobilization of your party.

Awakening and "Infinity Jam"
~ Once a number of combos have been connected, that is, having been able to defend those number of combos, the gauge above the HP and TP gauges, the "Tension Gauge" may increase or decrease. Once the gauge reaches MAX, the character enters into an "Awakening" state. When in this state, the character's strength, agility, and evade greatly increase, and TP consumption drops as an added bonus. By continuing your combos, it is possible to lengthen the duration of the Awakening state.
In addition, simultaneously pushing the L and R buttons during the Awakening state will result into a cooperation attack with the other characters, which we call the "Infinity Jam!" Once in this state, a formation is done with the other characters to attack the enemies, and afterwards the tension gauge drops back to zero. After this, it is still possible to commence another attack by again filling up the tension gauge with combos.

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